Making a city creative

In thinking about how to make a city creative, issues like job growth, increasing local revenue, including the creative class, and tourism are at the forefront. Communities care about being recognized, being safe, having recreational opportunities anf being able to afford to stay in the neighborhood. Historical preservation is also on people’s minds.

Stakeholders include city planners, business owners, residents, developers and architects, artists, and policymakers.  We know that they each have their own concerns, and have voices and resources to contribute to this process and dialogue.

City planners care about transportation and accessibility, among other things. Business owners want to know that they can keep their rent affordable, as well as keeping and growing their customer base. The residents are concerned about being picked out and being able to afford to stay in a place, as well as new job growth opportunities. Developers and architects care about the historical renovation, as well as issues about regulations. Artists are concerned about affordability, the individual artists versus the corporations, and increasing the strength of their voices.

Together, the stakeholders can create innovative solutions, thinking through ways to incorporate affordable housing, business development, and arts and culture options and communities. Surveying local residents and reaching out through community-based organizations and leaders can serve to enrich and expand the dialogue.